OHS, EHS & Quality Policies

    Quality Objectives:
  • Just in time delivery to minimize double handling
  • For building projects to monitor construction programme
  • For term contracts to monitor managing agent’s feedback and the monthly planned schedule
  • Assess safety hazards, environmental aspects and reduce risk to acceptable level
  • Control work activities to prevent pollution.
  • Occupational Health and Safe work environment at workplace
  • Best work practices to deliver high standard of workmanship for every project
  • Safety & Health objectives:
  • To strive for zero reportable incident. (To monitor by the incident / accident reported cases)
  • Environmental objectives:
  • To strive for zero environmental related violation. (To monitor by the number of written violation from related agency)

EHS Activities

  1. QEHS Objectives / targets
  2. Issuance of PPE to workers
  3. Induction program for new workers
  4. Safety tool box meeting
  5. Mass tool box meeting
  6. WSH committee appointment
  7. WSH committee meeting / Safety coordination meeting
  8. Risk Assessment
  9. Permit to work system
  10. Incident investigation
  11. Maintenance of regulated machinery / equipment
  12. Safety & health inspection
  13. Review of applicable legal and other requirements evaluation of compliance
  14. Mosquito breeding control
  15. Earth control Measure
  16. Construction noise
  17. Monitoring of wastage; Identified material, electrical consumption, water consumption, diesel consumption. Construction wastes
    Office: Use of paper and printing – Minimize printing and wastage

Risk Management System

    Head Office
  • Preparation Work
  • Form RA Team (Per project basis)
  • Gather relevant information
  • Identify Work Activities

  • RA Team
  • Identify Hazards
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Risk Control
  • Implementation & Review
  • Risk Assessment, SWP Meetings & Records